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  • Addressing common questions ahead of time to save yourself and the Two most important additions in the SHA are – Representations and Warranties and Indemnification. Reps and Warranties state that the facts disclosed by the company during the evaluation process are true. The indemnity clause keeps the investor protected and free from liabilities and losses which might occur due to specific events. Both these clauses are negotiated post due diligence. 
  • No. However, the founders should meticulously look for clauses that might force the founders to buy back the stake from the investors in case they don’t get an exit – such as the put option. Such clauses might be potentially a big problem for the personal assets of the founder. 
  • No. Stamp duty of 0.2% of investment amount is paid on SHA. Stam duty of 0.1% of the investment amount is paid on issuance of shares.