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  • BSE has come up with a BSE Startup Platform. Startups fulfilling the criteria for listing can actually go for an IPO on the BSE Startup Platform. The company should be registered as a startup with MSME / DIPP and should have paid-up capital of a minimum of INR 1 Crore. The company needs to be in existence for a period of 2 years. The net worth should be positive. A full list of criteria is available on the BSE website.
  • At the end, if there is no exit - not even through buyback then the investors have no other choice but to write-off the investment. 
  • "Acquihire is when a company buys out another venture primarily for the skills of the people employed in the venture and not so much for the product or the customers. Most of the companies that are acqui-hired have founders in their 20s who are talented and are building a technology product. Some examples include: Flipkart acquihired Mallas Inc. - a digital media distribution firm ; Practo acqui-hired product outsourcing firm Genii ; HolidayIQ acqui-hired SourceN CommonFloor acqui-hired messaging startup Bakfy"